Acknowledgment for Civic Leadership and Engagement

Too often, we only hear about the negative – particularly when it comes to Jackson Public Schools.  As a long-time supporter of public education, I believe we need to commend Pamela Shaw, Founder and President of P3 Strategies, LLC, for supporting the transition of Dr. Cedric Gray, Superintendent of Jackson Public Schools, to his new assignment.

Too often, executives in public education do not employ best practices when it comes to assuming the leadership of school districts.  The net result is the loss of valuable time studying and learning the complex organization before installing needed reforms.  By recruiting and contracting with an agreed-upon expert to review and catalogue the challenges and opportunities that lay before JPS, Pamela Shaw has made it possible for Superintendent Gray to move forward, with urgency, some key initiatives that will accelerate student and school achievement in Jackson.

At no expense to the school district or the citizens of Jackson, Pamela Shaw has demonstrated the type of civic leadership and community engagement that will benefit JPS, its students, staff, and all of the citizens of Jackson.  Such support and leadership is worthy of deep gratitude and replication by all concerned persons.

It’s important when this type of individual contribution is made, that we acknowledge with gratitude the person that made it possible.  Thanks, Pam!  The people of Jackson are grateful for your selfless work on behalf of our children.

Dorothy C. Triplett

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