Jeremiah “JJ” Williamson returns home and performs at Chuckles Comedy Club

Williamson entertaining his audience Photos by Jay Johnson

By Jackie Hampton,


Williamson entertaining his audience Photos by Jay Johnson

Known as “JJ from The Sipp”, Jackson, MS native Jeremiah Williamson performed in front of a live audience at Chuckles Comedy Club located in Jackson on Ridgewood Rd. on July 9- July 10.

Williamson, who resides in Atlanta, GA is described as a stand –  up performer who has taken the comedy world by storm with his uncanny relatability, charismatic wit and hometown country style.  His long-time friend Jackson Police Department Sergeant, Cedric Myles, known by many Jacksonians as “Hot Dog’ attended elementary, middle and high school with Williamson. He describes his friend as a down home guy, who has never forgotten his roots. The two friends grew up in West Jackson on Alta Vista Blvd. Myles said, “JJ was always cracking jokes. He was the life of the party when we were growing up.” 

After graduating from Jim Hill High School Williamson articulated at Alcorn State University where he was a member of the marching band. Since 1995 he has performed in comedy clubs all across the country. He has shared the stage with notable names in the comedy world such as Chris Tucker, D.L. Hughley and Ricky Smiley.  

When asked by The Mississippi Link what type humor does his friend provide Myles said “Real-Life adult humor issues.  He puts me in the mind of Richard Pryor and Bernie Mack.”

In addition to comedy routines Williamson has performed on the big screen in his acting debut, co-starring as the hilarious Cousin Bodie in the hit movie Johnson Family Vacation alongside Cedric “The Entertainer, Vanessa Williams, Bow Wow and Steve Harvey.

Attendees enjoying the show

Williamson, when interviewed by The Mississippi Link how did he acquire the name “JJ” he said, “I heard rumors that my aunt, who lived in Chicago, could not spell Jeremiah so she started calling me “JJ” and the rest is history.”

Williamson said coming home to perform was so special to him because Jackson reared him to be who he is. “I love coming home because I get to see my family, my classmates, my daughter and grandchildren and I can be myself.”

Williamson, the father of one adult daughter and a teenage son, stated he was very well received in Jackson. He said people came out in droves and he felt their energy and their love. “The audience seemed very excited to see me,” he said.

Tiffany Burks,Brian Anderson Williamson, Henry Cotton, Sandra Cotton

Being a performer was a childhood dream of Williamson but he kept it under wrap because he could never see himself being able to leave Jackson and pursue a career in comedy or acting. As a young child he grew up watching and admiring legendary comedians like Arsenio Hall and Red Fox and from them he started grasping his own style. He said, I never told anyone, including God that I wanted a career in comedy but God always knew,” he said.

A proud graduate of Alcorn State University, Williamson shared that he was so anxious to leave Mississippi right after graduating from Alcorn with a degree in Industrial Technology, that he lied and told his parents he already had a job in Atlanta and could start immediately.  “I stepped out on faith, believed in myself and never looked back” he said.

After 26 years of performing, Williamson was asked what pushed him to go out on faith. He said it was one New Year’s Eve while hanging out with people and making them laugh someone mentioned he was so funny he could be a stand-up comedian.  He was so excited and inspired he knew without a doubt this was his destiny and purpose being realized. Soon afterward, he started working at Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta and his career took off from there. 

Williamson said before he performs he lets people know that Atlanta, GA is his home but Jackson, MS is his upbringing.  He is proud to be known as “JJ from the Sipp.”

Mabel Chapman, Williamson, Shirley Johnson

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