Storm brings damage to Northeast Jackson homes

Clark’s home was damaged by fallen tree in Lakeover subdivision.

By Jackie Hampton,


Storms sweeping through Jack

Clark’s home was damaged by fallen tree in Lakeover subdivision.

son Tuesday caused damage to several homes throughout the city with power lines down, trees resting on roof tops and vehicles, roads blocked by tree branches and debris and loss of power.

Many residents were trying to clean up outside their homes Wednesday morning as city crews were working to clear streets and restore power.

Marilyn Clark, retired educator with Jackson Public Schools, lives in the Lakeover subdivision. A tree fell through her house, destroying one side of her home.

Her husband, Fred, was taken to the hospital after a tree fell on him while outside. Clark said she was unable to get to him immediately because the door could not be opened. She said her husband’s back and arm were hurt but she was grateful that no one else was very seriously injured.

Jay Johnson, photographer and City of Jackson Police Department employee, experienced damage to his home in the Norwood subdivision.

Johnson said, “My family and I are grateful that we were away from the house at the time of the storm, and no lives were lost. We are definitely thankful for our health and strength.

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