Army Brigadier General gives all book royalties to the USO Fund for Wounded Warriors

January 7, 2009 in Education

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Houston, TX, January 6, 2009 — Army Brigadier General A.J. Tata is giving

every dime of royalties from his new book, Sudden Threat (Variance

Publishing) to the United Services Organization Hospital Services Fund to

help care for wounded warriors and their families.  At the book release

party alone he raised over $15,000 for the troops.

The founder of the Military Writer’s Society of America, W.H. McDonald

Jr., says “Author A. J. Tata has got to have the hottest new action book

out on terrorism by far! His newest book “Sudden Threat” sizzles like an

over-heated barrel on an M-60 Machine Gun! There is enough action,

suspense, intrigue, death, destruction and dangerous politics for four

novels!  This book is a winner and will be a definite hit for those who

love to read books on the war on terrorism.  The book is well crafted. The

plot is dynamite – totally an original way to tell a great story. The

dialog is alive and moves the plot forward; but it is his portrayal of the

people in the story that allows the reader to fully visualize them in

their minds.  Brilliantly crafted book and destined to be a top seller! –

it is that good!”

NY Times bestselling author Brad Thor calls Tata, “The new Tom Clancy,”

and says Sudden Threat is, “Electrifying.”

Tata enthralls readers with an overview of what is really happening on the

strategic and operational levels in our military.  He emphasizes that his

book is fiction, though after reading the Threat series books you realize

that the man has something to say and is speaking from the heart.

Sudden Threat is dedicated to three soldiers that Tata served with, who

were killed in combat.

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