Hinds supervisor resigns after health questions

Hinds County Supervisor Doug Anderson

JACKSON – (AP) Hinds County Supervisor Doug Anderson is resigning, after some fellow supervisors questioned if he was too ill to continue serving.

Hinds County Supervisor Doug Anderson

Anderson, a supervisor since 1993, will step down Jan. 1. His resignation was announced by his daughter, Jackie Anderson, at a Thursday press conference that her father did not attend.

Doug Anderson suffers from diabetes and had two strokes in 2011. He’s frequently missed board meetings and has had trouble speaking at times. Some supervisors have said Anderson’s diminished capacity has allowed other supervisors to manipulate him.

Board President Robert Graham says the board can name an interim replacement by consensus pending a special election on Nov. 5, 2013. If the board can’t agree, Graham says the seat would remain vacant until then.

Anderson was earlier a state representative and senator.

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