Affordable Care Act cuts bills for some in Miss

President Barack Obama's historic health care act is already paying off for some Mississippians. (file photo)

JACKSON – (AP) _ Sixty-four-year-old Mary Devine says she couldn’t believe her last doctor’s bill. She’d had a number of tests, including a colonoscopy and a mammogram, and the balance was “zero.”

Devine tells The Clarion-Ledger she didn’t even know why it was free.

The reason was the Affordable Care Act pushed by President Barack Obama and meant to provide health insurance to more than 30 million previously uninsured Americans.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide by mid-summer whether to keep the 2-year-old act intact. Devine is one of thousands of Mississippi residents who already have felt its impact.

Seventy-year-old Dennis Nordin of Starkville is on Medicare. He says he’d never have known he has early-stage prostate cancer without an extra, free exam provided under the law.

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