Funeral sevices held for former Alcorn vice president and educator, Dr. Rudolph Waters

By Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob

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Dr. Rudolph Waters
Dr. Rudolph Waters


EDUCATION Funeral sevices held for former Alcorn vice president and educator Dr Rudolph Waters 2 Participants Pic Dr. J. Domatob Dr Thompson & Dr Posey Pic Dr. J. Domatob Mr.Socrates Garett Pic Dr. J. Domatob Families, friends and observers, converged at Alcorn State University’s Davey Whitney HPER complex, for a final farewell to former Vice President, Dr. Rudolph E. Waters, Sr.

The funeral service was filled with songs, eulogies, and tributes for Waters, a mentor, father, grandfather and distinguished higher education administrator.

Rev. Elijah Brown, Pastor of Mount Olive M.B. Church described Waters as a productive and faithful man of God who successfully strove to make things better.

Dr. Joe Haynes of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, said Waters was a distinguished leader people respected and listened to when he spoke.

House of Representative District 76 member, The Honorable Gregory Holloway, said Waters was a serious man of dignity and integrity,  who scorned foolishness.

Riverhills Bank proprietor and the Chair of Alcorn State University Foundation, praised Waters as an eminent educator, scholar and gentleman who worked hard. “He loved his family profession and students, whom he prepared for careers.”

After the entry procession, scripture and prayer, Alcorn State University Concert Choir under Professor Charles Wesley’s Direction and with Dr. David Goldblatt as accompanist; rendered the “The Battle Hymn of Republic.” Alcorn State University’s 19th president, Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. expressed his appreciation to Waters for inspiring him to enroll in the university. He thanked him for his counsel.

Singer and organist Vivian Ann Carroll sang two solos during the service.

The funeral elected officials, Alcorn alumni, and leaders from all works of life.

Born on May 21 1932, Waters passed on September 14, 2014. Waters began his higher education career in 1954, after graduation from DePaul University in Chicago. He served as the Registrar of Hinds Community College, Utica and rose to Dean of Instruction 1955-57. He also acted as president briefly, and later moved to Alcorn State University where his career as an administrator began. In Alcorn he was Dean of Instruction, Coordinator, Title 111 Programs; Vice President, Executive Vice President and Interim President (1994-1995).

He earned an Ed.M degree from Boston University in 1958 and a Ph.D. from Kansas State University in 1977. He retired as Executive Vice President in 2005. He was married to Dr. Kathleen and they had two children—Rudolph, Jr. and Veronica.