Valley( 28) & Alcorn’s (35) Thriller

ASU Quarterback J Gibbs

Sensational Match That Raised Goose Bumps

By Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob

Special to The Mississippi Link

ASU Quarterback J Gibbs

Some matches are lopsided. One team dominates from start to finish. By contrast, others are sensational. They inject elements of suspense from beginning to the end.

Over three thousand students, parents and fans from Mississippi and Alabama who converged on the gorgeous Alcorn State University stadium on Saturday 09/14/13 for High School Day witnessed such an exciting encounter.

ASU Players 2013

Alcorn State University’s Braves opened the curtain in an early attack and scored 7 points. Valley State University bounced back and not only scored but slammed Alcorn with 21 points by half time.

During the second half, Alcorn held Valley at bay and leveled the count at 21. Motivated by supportive fans, Alcorn overtook Valley and raised their tally to 35.

Valley responded and catapulted their mark to 28. Perhaps if there was more time, Valley might have changed the total. The match, which took place on a splendid sunshine day, was animated by lively music from the two university bands, that played with exceptional enthusiasm and fervor.

This was one of those memorable games, which leaves lasting impressions on fans eyes for sportsmanship, excitement and overall civility. Both teams displayed the essence of sports, which is participation and genuine competition whether you emerge as the victor or vanquished. The two quarterbacks, Alcorn’s John Gibbs and Valley’s were outstanding. Alcorn’s running back, Arnold Walker rose to the ranks of historic players in the school’s history with his improved record. He rose  to the prestigious elite 10 running backs in Alcorn State University’s history.


Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob currently serves as a professor and Interim Head, Department of Mass Communication, Alcorn State University, Lorman-Mississippi. An author, poet, journalist, photographer and researcher, he is working on two projects. His latest publications are: Positive Vibrations & Communication, Culture and Human Rights. Contact him at: