Mother, daughter plead guilty in bank robbery

Evie Mearlene Herrin and her daughter, Amelia Darci Crew

By Monica Land

Evie Mearlene Herrin (l) and her daughter, Amelia Darci Crew

GULFPORT – A woman and her daughter accused of pairing up to break the law have pleaded guilty to robbing at least one bank in the city of Gulfport.

Fifty-eight-year-old Evie Mearlene Herrin and her daughter, 30-year-old Amelia Darci Crew appeared in court Monday where both entered their plea.

Authorities said Herrin allegedly robbed the bank while wearing a wig, sunglasses and a hospital mask, and her daughter drove the getaway car.

Though witnesses said they didn’t see a weapon in the Gulfport robbery, they told police Herrin implied she had one. Police found a gun in the suspects’ car.

Both women are from Cleveland, Texas.

While the women are accused of taking $12,641 from the Regions Bank on Highway 49 in Gulfport, a federal indictment in Louisiana alleges the pair also robbed at least two other banks. They are accused in the Feb. 13 holdup of an Iberia Bank branch in Kinder, La., where about $6,000 was taken, and the March 15 holdup of a MidSouth Bank branch in Sulphur, La., where about $4,730 was taken.

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