Jackson City Council sets new election

Cooper-Stokes Jackson

Ward 3 ‘do-over

By Othor Cain
Managing Editor

Ward 3 voters are expected to head back to the polls Tuesday, July 24, barring a retrial.
The new run-off election date was set as a result of a more than two-week old decision from a Hinds County jury that awarded Joyce Jackson another election. Jackson claimed after her defeat to LaRita Cooper-Stokes Feb. 28, illegal behavior at some polling places and that some of Cooper-Stokes’ supporters affected the outcome by coaching some voters to vote for her [Cooper-Stokes].

Cooper-Stokes Jackson

A special judge appointed to the case, ordered a new election within 30 days, however, the city council waited to set the date to give time for appeals. “We waited to see if something else was going to come up,” Councilman President Frank Bluntson said. “I’ve been told that we were out of order and therefore we wanted to make sure we set a new date.” Based on the judge’s ruling, the election date should have been set on or before July 12.
Cooper-Stokes has filed a motion for a retrial, which is set to be heard at 10 a.m. Thursday, June 28, at the Hinds County Courthouse.
Cooper-Stokes has been able to keep her council seat at least until the new election.

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