Phil Bryant: School funding formula ‘a 1992 model’

Gov. Phil Bryant AP file photo
Gov. Phil Bryant AP file photo
Gov. Phil Bryant
AP file photo

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — Gov. Phil Bryant says it’s time to update Mississippi’s school funding formula because the current one is outdated.

Republican Bryant spoke Thursday to several hundred business people at an event sponsored by Mississippi Economic Council, the state chamber of commerce.

Bryant says the current school funding formula is “a 1992 model,” although it was put into law in 1997. He says the state wouldn’t put Highway Patrol troopers in cars made in 1992.

 Republican legislative leaders hired a New Jersey-based consulting group, EdBuild, to suggest revisions to the formula, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.

The formula is designed to give schools enough money to meet midlevel academic standards. It has been fully funded only twice in 20 years.

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