College Hill Baptist Church welcomes new pastor

College Hill Pastor Chauncy L. Jordan Photos by Jackie Hampton

By Jackie Hampton,


College Hill Pastor Chauncy L. Jordan Photos by Jackie Hampton

The College Hill Baptist family welcomed Pastor Chauncy L. Jordan as their new shepherd by giving him a standing ovation after being introduced by Deacon Frank Yates as the 15th pastor in the history of the 114-year-old church located in West Jackson at 1600 Florence Avenue Sunday, July, 18, 10 a.m. 

College Hill resumed in-person worship service the last Sunday in May, with limited participation restrictions, mask wearing and safe distance seating. Sunday was the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that Jordan preached in an in-person setting and he spoke of pivoting from a place of pandemic. He said, “We must pray, be patient and participate as we pivot together. He chose as his subject, “Let’s Do It Together.”

At the conclusion of his message, Jordan opened the doors of the church for non-members to consider becoming a member of College Hill, while the soloist of the day, Catia Madison, quietly sang,” I’m Free.” Madison was accompanied by College Hill musicians under the direction of Rev. Andrew Lewis, minister of music.

It was during this time that Lashanda Jordan, Ph. D, Chauncy Jordan II, and Joshua Jordan surprised the pastor by taking that moment to declare their desire to become members of the church on the first day of his leadership. Deacon John Morris presented the family as coming to join on their Christian experience.

Pastor Jordan was notably touched and turned his back as he seemed to wipe away a tear or two. He told the congregation that this is not something that they had discussed and was surprised when he saw them come forward.

Lashanda Jordan told the congregation it was her husband’s message on “Let’s Do It Together” that motivated her to unite with the church fanily. She later said to The Mississippi Link, “I am elated about our call to College Hill. I’m so humbled and excited about the opportunity to serve the members and community in which we have been planted and standing on tip toes of anticipation about what God is doing in this season.

CH members welcome the First Family – (l-r) Deacon Vernon Jasper, Joshua Jordan, Chauncy Jordan II, Lashanda Jordan, PH.D, Deaconess Lenita Knight, Sis. Malena Dow.

In an interview with The Mississippi Link, Pastor Jordan responded to the question, what do you like most about pastoring? “I would say the people and the relationships that are formed while being able to walk beside individuals in their journey of life and faith is what I love about pastoring,” he responded. “I’m a people lover and being in a position to serve and share with God’s people their highs and lows is truly amazing.”

In describing his first day Jordan said, “Sunday was amazing, amazing, amazing; just being in a corporate in-person setting was a sight to behold.” He said he thoroughly enjoyed it because every now and then all the stars are lined up and Sunday was one of those days. He said, “everything felt right.”

Jordan said his short term goal is to build upon current relationships and forge new relationships in order to work on God’s plan and carry out his mandate and mission. He said he wanted to learn more about the history of College Hill, its’ heartbeat and what allowed the church to survive. He referenced the Jewish leader Nehemiah who before supervising the re-building of the wall in Jerusalem, he first surveyed the land.

Jordan said his long term goal is to insure an intentional effort to be a great example in a multi-generational church. He said it is the one place you can experience the growth of all age groups and he wants to be a vibrant leader in the community surrounding 1600 Florence Avenue. He said God was intentional in placing the church at this address and he wants it to be in line and in step to meet the needs of the people.

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