By Jackie Hampton,


Dow and Rev. Myers

Dow and Rev. Myers

“Peace Comes through Faith, Love and Trust in Jesus Christ” was the theme for Peace Sunday held at United Christian Church December 9 at 11 a.m. where Reverend Russell Myers serves as pastor.

Mickala Hodges of Amazing Grace Dance Ministry performed a Liturgical Dance from the music “They Said, But God Said” by Jekalyn Carr and Felicia Wolfe sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” Both performances were well received by those that attended this holy service of which Elder Vivian Woods presided.

Longtime member Deacon Ruth Hobbs, who is now 103 years old, lead the Litany of Peace and Deacon Lydia Macklin extended a warm welcome.

The guest speaker for United Christian’s Peace Day service was Malena Dow, a member of College Hill Baptist Church. The two churches are practically neighbors and have over the years established a supportive relationship of activities and services.

Dow was introduced by Elder Gwen Chambliss who stated that the many attributes which Dow possesses and the attitude she has are those that come from God and are dedicated to God.

Dow has been a teacher in both high school and college and has served the community and church in numerous ways.

In her message to the congregation Dow said that peacemaking is a call upon the lives of Christians and that hope is in that calling.

She referenced the 1967 sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Ebenezer Baptist Church when he invited the nation to think of the Christmas Hope: “Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men.” Dow reminded the listeners that as Dr. King said, if people do not learn to live together as brothers and sisters, then they will all perish as fools. She quoted many scriptures as she delved into her message of peacemaking. She spoke of the Hebrew interpretation of ‘Shalom,’ a term often used to say both hello and goodbye. Dow said this term is used over 250 times in the Old Testament and is a term of peace, harmony, wholeness and tranquility.

Pastor Myers thanked Dow for such a wonderful message and told the congregation that Dow may not have been called to preach, but she certainly preached at United Christian Church. He reminded her to keep using the talents that the Lord has given her.

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