Renewable Energy Anywhere project is launching crowdfunding campaign today

Twanna Brunson

RES-Pic-297x300An environmental technology project with the goal of ultimately commercializing an electric power producing system using fuel created with renewable energy is launching a crowdfunding campaign today at 12 noon (central standard time) on the online platform (go to:

The “Renewable Energy Anywhere” project is using the ever growing in popularity crowdfunding platform to raise funds to build and test a working prototype of it’s patent-pending innovation, a self-contained fuel cell energy system that produces electricity in any location, designed to capture renewable energy from the sun and wind, and, more efficiently use and recycle energy waste to fuel and refuel the system.

The system features the patent-pending designed use and reuse of “free” green resources like water, sun, heat, wind and motion. A major objective of the project is to utilize these resources in this innovation to reduce pollution and dependency on “unclean” fossil fuels, advance fuel cell system technology and commercial usage, and to create more jobs.

Twanna Brunson
Twanna Brunson

“We started this project to help make renewable energy available anywhere, so that electrical power can be produced by using clean-green-renewable energy sources on the spot, on demand,” said Twanna Brunson, a lead adviser and marketer for the Renewable Energy Anywhere Project.

“Like most people in the world, I am concerned about the pollution in the world and the impact of our use and dependency on fossil fuels. I believe in using green energy, clean renewable energy, like power from the sun and wind. One reason why I got involved with this project was to help ensure that we deal with the need for clean power right now and not wait for a time in the distant future.”

“I want to help get the word out that the technology is here now, to help save our planet and provide clean energy that everyone will be able to use and reuse anywhere at anytime, even in remote locations around the world,” Brunson continued. “I am asking other concerned people to get involved with our Renewable Energy Anywhere Project by supporting us financially and getting the word out to others to support this project”The Renewable Energy Anywhere Project is in the next step of building the prototype of the complete energy system that produces its own fuel by capturing renewable energy that powers the fuel cell that produces the required electricity for any appliance: a car, a truck, a bus, all the appliances in a home, the power for buildings, even neighborhoods. A system that goes beyond the capability of existing fuel cell systems.

“We’ve recently finished the latest, patent-pending design, the Ross Self Contained Energy System. And we are in the next step of our project where we are now working on the prototype. And, with people supporting us through our crowdfunding campaign, it is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year,” Brunson said.

The current crowdfunding campaign is set to raise money for the components, labor, assembly and testing of the project product (the prototype). The goal for this funding campaign is $87,000.

Crowdfunding has grown in popularity over the years as an online platform that allows “the crowd”, basically anyone to contribute any amount of money to a cause, a project, as support or as a business investment.

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