Son arrested for stealing drugs and cash from dad’s store

William McKinney (pictured) is accused of stealing cash and prescription drugs from his dad's pharmacy in Moss Point.

A WLOX Report

MOSS POINT – Imagine having your business burglarized, and then finding out your son could be behind it. The owner of Burnham Drugs in Moss Point is dealing with that shock, after police arrested his son and another suspect for reportedly taking money and narcotics from the store last week.

When John McKinney made a plea last week on WLOX to find the person who broke into his drug store, he never thought in a million years his son William would be a suspect.

“We are both saddened and heartbroken over the recent developments pertaining to the break-in of our drug store, Burnham Drugs,” McKinney said.

Christopher Kirkland

According to police, 28-year-old William McKinney stole $6,000 in cash and some narcotics from his dad’s store. Police said they believe a 20-year-old Pascagoula man, Christopher Kirkland, and a juvenile also participated in the burglary. The group reportedly bought TV’s and other items with some of the stolen money.

“I think shocked is understatement. We are disappointed and just devastated,” McKinney said.

Chief Keith Davis said tips from the community and evidence at the scene helped link McKinney and Kirkland to the burglary.

“The person responsible for the crime knew the layout of the building,” Davis said.

Police believe the suspects were possibly selling some of the prescription drugs on the street.

“We started receiving information on last week that a large amount of pills were being distributed in Moss Point, Lortabs, Lorcet and Xanax,” Davis said.

Both Kirkland and McKinney are now behind bars in Moss Point, each on $25,000 bond. Police are still looking for a third juvenile suspect.

“We are serious about crime in Moss Point, and we are serious about stopping crime in Moss Point,” said Davis.

A crime that has now landed a son in jail and left a family disappointed and stunned.

“We would ask that the community to keep our family in its prayers,” John McKinney said.

The suspect’s charges include: burglary of a commercial building, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Police are still looking for the juvenile. Anyone with information on the suspect or this incident can submit an anonymous tip to MS Coast Crimestoppers.

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