City of Greenville’s website getting makeover

GREENVILLE – (AP) As the City of Greenville begins to improve everything from streets to vacant buildings, it also is working to revamp the city’s website in an attempt to make it the news hub of the city.

The Delta Democrat Times reports reorganization of the site began in January after City Council members complained about the current website’s rigidness.

“The visual storefront is just as important as your actual storefront,” said Greg Claus, assistant to the mayor of Greenville. “We want this to be the best visual representation of the city.”

Claus said they plan to have the new website up and running within the next month.

The home page will be more interactive and easy to navigate, as it features an action line form, a city blog and site-wide search capability, he said.

“We want people to find what they are looking for in three clicks or less,” he said. “It’s going to be a place with so much information that people are going to find what they were looking for but want to stay on the site.”

The new website also includes a drop down menu, which will then display a site map for that section. The sections include visitors, residents, government, business, contact us and an “I want to” option.

The “I want to” tab is comparable to a frequently asked question section that will guide people to the correct page, Claus said.

City officials will be able to post events, agendas and updates on the blog and calendar.

“All departments will be trained to use the site,” Claus said.

The website has a new domain that will also affect email addresses of city officials.

When launched, the website address will be

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