Devilettes declaw Lady Golden Tigers of Tuskegee 3-1

Mississippi Valley’s Devilettes will travel to face Alabama State at 6 p.m. Sept. 30.

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Mississippi Valley’s Devilettes will travel to face Alabama State at 6 p.m. Sept. 30.
Mississippi Valley’s Devilettes will travel to face Alabama State at 6 p.m. Sept. 30.

The Mississippi Valley State Devilettes soundly defeated the Lady Golden Tigers of Tuskegee University 3-1 Sept. 27. The opening set began with Mississippi Valley having first serve.

Megan Jones’ killer spike landed the point for MVSU and assisted the Devilettes in maintaining their possession. The ladies of Mississippi Valley kept the lead by 4 points before the two-minute rally ended with a side lock from Lady Golden Tigers’ Taliyanna Bryant. Reckless handling by Tuskegee’s Jessica Johnson led the Lady Golden Tigers to their first time out. One service error by Nadia Crawford of MVSU was all the ladies of Tuskegee needed to move points. One free ball from libero Zahria Radford allowed the Devilettes to regain possession.

There was a block party thrown by MVSU’s Cynthia Richardson and Megan Jones, which brought the Devilettes one point closer to sealing the deal. At the second timeout on the floor the score stood at 20-11, in favor of Mississippi Valley. Excellent teamwork from Jamie Polk and Megan Jones kept the ball in play for the match point. The second set ended in favor of Tuskegee to the tune of 25-21.

Within one serve the Devilettes had possession of the ball. A side tip by Shakayia Wilson of the Lady Golden Tigers brought moved Tuskegee up by one. Marissa Chalmers had a massive attack to gain possession for MVSU. An unwarranted dig by Kalin Barnes took the ball out of bounds giving the Lady Golden Tigers their ninth point. Attacking with a kill down the middle marked MVSU’s Illiya Trahan return to the game. Hustle from Tuskegee’s Zahria Radford kept the ball in play. But still ended with a point for Mississippi Valley. Nadia Crawford with the defensive dig closed the gap by 5 points. Despite the vigorous back and forth of the two teams, TU took the set.

With the series being 1-1 the Lady Golden Tigers seemed eager with to win with their 4-1 lead over the Devilettes. Tuskegee quickly gets the ball back after a service error from Barnes. There was a kill with a touch from Lady Golden Tigers libero takes the score to 12-9. Barnes added a side out point and a kill to the back row in a matter of minutes to tie up the game 23-23. Watkins had the match point to end set three, 25-23. Barnes started the rotation that led the Devilettes to their four point lead over Tuskegee causing Coach Robinson to call a timeout in hopes of breaking Barnes’s serving concentration. Needless to say it worked.

Watkins had a passing error that gave the ball to the Lady Golden Tigers. With Tuskegee out of timeouts the score was MVSU 10 TU 7. A miscalculated set by Tuskegee gave the Devilettes the five-point boost needed to keep the crowd engaged. It was Barnes with the killer kill down the middle making the score 18-13 MVSU. Chalmers with an impressive kill took MVSU up 19- 14 over TU. Polk scored the 23rd point, while holding Tuskegee to 16. Tuskegee’s Taliyanna Bryant was hungry for revenge by scoring her team’s last point. It was Nadia Crawford that made the match point.

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