IBBA, Inc. names Bishop Joe Simon to global position

As a result of visiting Mississippi earlier this month, Bishop Joe Simon has earned another noteworthy accolade.

The International Black Broadcasters Association, Inc. (IBBA), based in Hattiesburg, Miss., has extended him an invitation to be its Global Ambassador and Spiritual Advisor, and he has accepted.

“It is an honor and I accept your invitation,” Simon said in his response to Rob Neal,  IBBA’s executive director.

In Neal’s correspondence to Simon, he stated the following:

“We were very touched by your preaching the word of God and singing songs of praise on June 7 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We know that you are the Global Ambassador and Spiritual Advisor to the World Conference of Mayors, Inc. Bishop Simon, we would be pleased if you would accept our invitation to be our Global Ambassador and Spiritual Advisor to the International Black Broadcasters Association, Inc.”

Bishop Simon said being the Global Ambassador for the two international organization will not be a problem, because “I work for the Kingdom of God and as a Christian preacher and bishop, I am to always make myself available to do God’s work when called upon.”

He compares being a spiritual advisor to being a lawyer, “except the spiritual advisors gives what is Biblically right.”

See the following sidebar for the conclusion of The Mississippi Link: Up Close and Personal with Bishop Joe Simon.

 Final Part: His views on President Obama and past administrations.

ML: We understand you dedicated your recent gospel recording “Lord, You Are My Adorable One,” – a remake of the original song –  to our nation’s first family. What was your inspiration for doing that?

Simon: I think Obama is the best president we ever had. Obama inspired me.

Now when I wrote the original song, “You Are My Adorable One,”  it felt like a church song then, but I was not saved. It didn’t make sense to be a phony so I just wrote it in the middle. I didn’t go to the left or to the right and if you listen to that song, I could have sang that in church years ago without saying “Lord, you’re my adorable one.”  But I was not saved and now that I’m a saved man I can go and put it in perspective. That is why today we call it “Lord, You’re My Adorable One” and we dedicated it to President Obama and the first family. It’s already been delivered to him.

I voted once for Bill Clinton and I was very disappointed in him. I didn’t vote for Bush because I didn’t ever think Bush should be president.  I think Obama is a great president and I’m telling you he needs plenty of prayer.

[He publicly endorse Obama while he (Simon) was in Italy. Bishop Joe Simon is the first and only Preacher, American citizen to endorse Senator Barack Obama on foreign soil, to be the first Black President of the United States of America.]

ML: What’s your opinion on the state of our nation’s economy?

Simon: That’s why I keep thanking God for Obama. We must learn through his administration that we only have a short while here and this is the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is here to bring that to us who are listening and thinking on what’s going on in this world.

ML: What do you say to those people who are critical of President Obama?

Simon: I think it’s jealousy, because Bush in eight years didn’t do anything for people. Obama was not president so he inherited this mess. You can’t hold him responsible. In my opinion, I believe that President Bush, Vice President Cheney and people in the Bush Administration should be charged with war crimes.  I think they broke the law and if they broke the law, they should be charged. You cannot be ignorant because we have children following us. We have to talk constructively. They’re reading and don’t let them read the wrong thing.  Explain it to them so they can go out and make a better life.

The Mississippi Link wishes to thank Bishop Simon for taking time out our his busy schedule to exclusively talk with its staff.  While the paper could not devote more time to the series, we hope our readers have gained new information and new insight about a man who once ‘rocked the world’ with his Rhythm and Blues, but is now traveling the world to save souls for Christ.

Bishop Simon is also a husband, father and grandfather. He has been married for 45 years.

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