Stevenson seeks change and thinks the time is now

As a student of journalism and English, we are taught never to answer a question with a question, but in good taste and humor, that’s exactly what 28-year-old Damon Stevenson did when The Mississippi Link asked him why was he seeking the office of Justice Court Judge for Hinds County District 4. “If not now, when?” If not me, who?” answered Stevenson.

An attorney in private practice in Jackson, Stevenson is a graduate of Mississippi College School of Law and Tougaloo College. “We have a message that resonates with everyone. At the end of the day people want to feel safe, people want a good quality of life and that is our message,” he said.

District 4 includes Clinton, Raymond, Byram and portions of the recently annexed South Jackson. “I live in District 4, in fact I did the opposite of what most people do; I left Rankin County (Brandon) and moved to Hinds County because I believe in this county,” Stevenson said. “It’s a great place to live and raise a family and the people in District 4 deserves strong leadership.”

A Sunday school teacher at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, Stevenson has said he has the heart and compassion to serve. “The citizens of Hinds County must decide if they want a judge who has the qualifications to know the law and a heart to serve the community, he said. “As an attorney, I have practiced law throughout the State of Mississippi providing legal representation to individuals from all walks of life. As a person, I strive to be a living example of Christian faith for my community. As a judge, I will work to ensure justice is available to every individual that enters my court room.”

Stevenson believes his youth will serve him well if elected. “There are people that use these positions as a retirement place and I don’t intend to do that,” he said. “I have the energy and experience to make a difference and my goal is to do just that.”

Stevenson also compares his young age to that of the biblical story of David and Goliath. “God used David as a young man to save the land even with older people around,” Stevenson said. “There are those who don’t like to face challenges, but I like to face them head on and I’m ready.”

Currently, all of the elected officials in District 4, including supervisor, election commissioner, constable and justice court judge are white and associated with the Republican Party.

Stevenson is neither and understands that he will have to get a percentage of the white republican vote. “I know that I have to work harder than my opponent, and I understand that I have to appeal to everyone, and I’m prepared for that,” he said. “I went to school (MC) in the district, I live in the district, and my message speaks to the hearts of the citizens in the district.”

If elected, Stevenson said he would work to ensure there’s a system in place to move the docket along, establish a program to provide records online and implement a collection process in the county.

Stevenson is married to the former Jessica Denise Morris of Byram, Miss., and they are expecting their first child within the next few months.


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