Ronnie Crudup Jr. wins special election House District 71

Ronnie Crudup Jr. and wife Andrea photo by Kehinde Gaynor

By Othor Cain,


Ronnie Crudup Jr. and wife Andrea photo by Kehinde Gaynor
Ronnie Crudup Jr. and wife Andrea photo by Kehinde Gaynor

In what was an extremely low voter turn out, political newcomer Ronnie Crudup Jr. captured a win in Tuesday’s special election to fill the Mississippi House of Representative seat in District 71. 

This seat was formally held by Adrienne Wooten, who in 2018, became a Hinds County Circuit Court judge.

Crudup, who previously ran for mayor and has been a staunch advocate for South Jackson, ran on a platform of blight elimination and improvements to the state’s educational system, garnered 63 percent of the votes in a very dismal voter turn out. 

There are 13,734 registered voters in District 71, Crudup received 320 votes to claim victory.

In a FaceBook post Wednesday, Crudup thanked his supporters. “Its been hard to get my thoughts together since last night, because my mind was all over the place on much of the day. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet….a thank you goes to everyone who made a contribution and helped in any form or fashion,” his post reveled in part.

Crudup also thanked the other two candidates vying for the same seat.

Edelia J. Carthan, a professor at Tougaloo College received 123 votes or 24 percent and Stephanie Skipper, a state employee received 62 votes or 12 percent.

Crudup, who currently serves as the executive director for New Horizion Ministries, Inc., is a graduate of Murrah High School in Jackson and Belhaven University.

All three candidates have filed paperwork to seek this office in the August primaries.

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