Mayor spends taxpayer’s money on psychological services for family

State Auditor Stacey Pickering said Southaven's mayor Greg Davis (pictured) spent $170,000 of taxpayer's money on personal expenses including psychiatric services for his family.

JACKSON – State Auditor Stacey Pickering is demanding that the mayor of Southaven pay back the more than $170,000 he owes the city for personal expenses, including psychological counseling for his family.

Pickering issued the demand against Mayor Greg Davis in the amount of $170,782.28 for personal travel and expenses paid for by the City of Southaven. Pickering said his investigation of the mayor analyzed records from July 2009 to April 2011.

“This demand represents numerous personal expenses including a personal trip to Key West, Florida and other travel expenses, as well as counseling services and associated expenses for Davis and his family,” said Pickering. “Mayor Davis charged the expenses to a personal credit card and a City of Southaven credit card, both paid by the City of Southaven.”

Pickering said the City of Southaven routinely made direct payments to Capitol One Bank after receiving invoices submitted by Davis, but Davis failed to provide the necessary documentation of the invoices including receipts or copies of the itemized purchases and statements for the invoices.

Total payments to Capitol One Bank for expenses on Davis’ personal credit card during this time period were $128,642.59.

Pickering said Davis spent $34,201.11 at Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd. in Scottsdale, Arizona in June and July 2010 for non-work related treatment for Davis and his family.

Special agents determined that $4,428.19 of that total was charged to the City of Southaven’s credit card for travel expenses.

Direct payments to Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd. totaling $20,518 were made by the City of Southaven. Remaining charges were charged to Davis’ personal credit card and that credit card was paid by the City of Southaven.

“These expenses submitted by Mayor Davis as official events and purchases on behalf of the City are a betrayal of the public’s trust,” Pickering said. “And I intend to pursue the recovery of this money to the fullest extent of the law. Clothing purchases, family counseling and personal meals and entertainment are in no way authorized expenses for the City and should not be paid for on the taxpayers’ dime.”

Pickering said Davis repaid $13,199.82 in April 2011, a portion of the expenses for his wife’s time at Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd.

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