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Rep. Earle Banks (at podium) and other state Legislators endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential primary at the State Capitol Wednesday.
Rep. Earle Banks (at podium) and other state Legislators endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential primary at the State Capitol Wednesday.

More than 20 Mississippi legislative leaders announced their support Wednesday at the state Capitol for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary.

The senators and representatives endorsed Clinton citing her commitment to taking on the issues that Mississippi families face every day. “Hillary Clinton has a proven record of fighting for children and families,” said Rep. Earle Banks, the leader of the Legislative Black Caucus. “From helping achieve the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which covers more than 8 million kids, to her commitment in this campaign to raise wages, she has continually worked to expand opportunity for all Americans. I am proud to stand behind her as she offers real solutions to problems that face our communities every day.”

“As the youngest African American elected to a Legislature in U.S. history, I am proud to support Hillary Clinton because she has a proven record of advocating for quality public education for all students and ensuring access to affordable higher education. In addition, she’s a progressive thinker. I am confident that she will represent the interests of all Mississippians, instead of just a select few,” said Rep. Jeramey Anderson.

“From working to provide everyone access to quality, affordable health care to expanding voting rights, Hillary Clinton has proved time and time again that she’ll stand up for us. That’s why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton for President,” said Rep. Jarvis Dortch.

“Hillary Clinton will get things done for Mississippi. I’m supporting her because of her commitment to helping working families get ahead,” said Sen. Deborah Dawkins.

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber endorsed Clinton Monday stating, “Hillary Clinton knows how to make it happen. As president, she will give special and needed attention to cities – particularly minority-led cities – and the issues that plague us. She is committed to pushing for creative infrastructure investments and to building on the progress President Obama has made. In my mind, she is the only candidate who can pragmatically achieve important gains for families and communities, and it’s why I’m proud to support her candidacy.”

Legislative leaders supporting Clinton include the following: Sen. Deborah Dawkins, Rep. Earle Banks, Rep. Jeramey Anderson, Rep. Jarvis Dortch, Rep. Chris Bell, Rep. Alyce Clarke, Sen. Angela Turner, Sen. Sampson Jackson, Sen. John Horhn, Rep. Steve Holland, Sen. Sollie Norwood, Sen. Robert Jackson, Rep. Oscar Denton, Sen. Derrick Simmons, Rep. Omeria Scott, Rep. Tommy Reynolds, Sen. Albert Butler, Rep. Greg Holloway, Rep. John Faulkner, Sen. Willie Simmons, Rep. Orlando Paden, Rep. Rufus Straughter and Rep. Kathy Sykes.

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