Jackson County to get $10 million from FEMA for dredging

PASCAGOULA – (AP) Jackson County is getting a multimillion-dollar boost from the federal government to help erase the effects of Hurricane Isaac last year.

The Sun Herald reported that the county will receive $10 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for dredging silt that Isaac swept into the mouths of bayous and channels. Matching money from the state and county will pay for an additional $4 million in dredging work.

County Board of Supervisors President Mike Mangum said the work could start in October and take about a year to complete.

“While we've gotten the approval, we still haven't gotten the permits,'' Mangum said.  “We have to do the engineering on it, and getting the permits can be a lengthy and time-consuming process.''

More than a dozen waterways are expected to be dredged, including Graveline Bayou, Vaughandale and Sandalwood bayous in Gautier and the channel in front of the Singing River Yacht Club in Pascagoula.

The county typically sets aside about $400,000 to $500,000 annually for dredging.

“This is more than we could do in 10 years,'' county supervisor Troy Ross said. “And 10 years is probably a modest number.''