IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!Hinds County Precinct #83 voters will vote at New Hope Baptist Church

From: Supervisor Robert Graham

Hinds County Supervisor District One

Voting Precinct #83 Relocation

Jackson, Miss., October 15, 2008 — The Hinds County Election Commission has received final approval from the Justice Department to relocate voting precinct #83. Hinds County’s 2900 registered voters residing in Precinct #83 who normally cast their election ballots at Fire Station #21 located on Watkins Drive will now do so across the street at New Hope Baptist Church. The request to relocate the precinct was made by Supervisor Robert Graham.

It should be noted that the Election Commission and Supervisor Graham’s office are doing everything possible to notify the public of this change. This is not to confuse the public, but is being done for the voters’ convenience. For years there have been concerns such as, inadequate shelter from the elements, traffic hazards and congestion expressed by voters while casting their votes. With the relocation of the precinct these problems will be alleviated.

New Hope Baptist Church has graciously opened the doors of its gymnasium which easily accommodates several hundred individuals. This will not only lend itself as a convenience for the voters, but it assures that the operability of Fire Station #21 is not hindered in any manner. With the historic November elections quickly approaching, voters can look forward to easy access, plenty of parking on the north side of the church, and protection from the heat and/or possible rain.

For additional information, please contact Sharon Sims, Special Projects Coordinator for Supervisor Robert Graham, at 601-968-6689 or email:

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