Holy Temple’s youth look forward to a new year with JABT

JABT presenters and CRUNKK participants in “The Real World” workshop

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JABT presenters and CRUNKK participants in “The Real World” workshop
JABT presenters and CRUNKK participants in “The Real World” workshop

2018 was a very good year for the Holy Temple Baptist Church’s youth ministry – Christ Raising Up New Kingdom Kids (CRUNKK) thanks to the Junior Auxiliary of Byram-Terry (JABT).

Through its Welfare Committee, JABT adopted Holy Temple’s CRUNKK ministry to establish and maintain a continuous relationship with the children and their families, to develop life skills, to encourage new ways of thinking and problem solving, to build confidence in our youth, and to teach them to take responsibility for what they do in order to be productive members of society.

“We are pleased to know that JABT plans to continue its relationship with our children and their families,” said Deacons Chairman Edison T. Brown Jr. “We are so grateful for the many kind acts they have already done.

Recently, a fellowship was held at the church for the youth to celebrate the Christmas season. The children feasted on pizza, chips, juice and soda. Each child in attendance was showered with love through presents and gift cards.

In a show of their appreciation for JABT, the youth created handmade thank you cards and signs. “We were touched by the youth’s creativity,” said Angela Noble of JABT.

This is what one youth wrote in her card:

“Dear Jr. Auxiliary. Thank you so much for bringing us the presents. We are very thankful and I am glad you chose our church because you could have chosen another church. I just can’t thank you enough. Thank you. Love Azalea.”

Through this adoption, CRUNKK members began the school year with new backpacks filled with school supplies.

Teens have been offered life skills workshops such as money management, while the younger members of the group have attended workshops focused on emotional coping and anger management.

A couponing class for parents has also been offered in an effort to teach money saving techniques.

JABT’s Welfare Committee is chaired by LaMonica Sampson and Angela Noble. Holy Temple is pastored by JABT member Reverend Audrey Hall.

In its Byram-Terry service areas, JABT participates in various community services. Popular among them is Pack the Pickup, a project that allows the chapter to donate germ-free items for teachers and bus drivers at the elementary and intermediate schools.

In October, the Provisional Class held its You Only Live Once Youth Summit, with topics that included distracted driving (complete with simulators), internet safety and featured a cooking demonstration by DJ Baker on healthy eating.

Recently, JABT members completed their annual Angel Tree project, where they solicit and donate coats and toys for disadvantaged children.

Their newest project is the CARE Closet, which will stock toiletries, school supplies, and non-perishable food for families in need at Gary Road Intermediate School.

JABT, in its 21st year of service, is a 501(c)3 organization committed to providing charitable service, with particular emphasis on children.

For more information, call President Tosha Garner at 601 750-0395.

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