AG warns of scam targeting Bancorp South

From The Mississippi Link Newswire

JACKSON – Attorney General Jim Hood is warning Mississippi residents to be aware of a scam using the name of Bancorp South to target potential victims in the state.

Victims may receive a call on either their home phone or cell phones alerting them that “there is a problem with their Bancorp South card.” The caller may be a live caller or an automated message, but the caller usually leaves a request for the victim to call a number or visit a website and leave their 16-digit card number or other pertinent information that could allow scammers to empty the victim’s bank account or open new credit cards in the victim’s name.

Some victims are asked to “text” their Bancorp South bank account number to a phone number, or email it to any number of email addresses.

“So-called bank officials do not need to ask you to verify your bank account information, they already have it,” said Hood. “The key point is to never, ever give your personal identifying information over the phone to someone whose identity you cannot verify.”

Bancorp South officials say they are working to close down websites and phone numbers connected to the scam as they become aware of them.

Hood warns that senior citizens or people with disabilities are particularly prone to falling victim to this scam, “so please be mindful of vulnerable friends and relatives at this time,” he said.

Anyone that believes they have fallen victim to this scan can contact the Mississippi Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-281-4418.

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