4 caregivers sentenced for arranging fight at group home

Abranese Johnson (l to r), Kista Crockett and Tierra Allen have been sentenced to five years in prison for instigating a fight at a Brookhaven group home. A fourth defendant, Monique Brown, was sentenced to five years probation.

From The Mississippi Link Newswire

Abranese Johnson

JACKSON – Four Brookhaven caregivers have been sentenced on charges they conspired to commit abuse of a vulnerable person by arranging for one resident at a nursing home to beat up another, authorities said.

Four certified nursing assistants (CNA’s), all employees of the Lincoln Residential Center in Brookhaven, Tierra Allen, Kista Crockett, Abranese Johnson, and Monique Brown, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to abuse a vulnerable person before Judge Mike Taylor in Lincoln County Circuit Court.

Defendants Allen, Johnson, and Crockett were sentenced to five years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) with one year and one day to serve behind bars and the remainder served as post release supervision.

As part of their sentence, each defendant must pay a $5,000 fine plus court costs, fees, and assessments, and they can never again be employed in any position dealing with vulnerable persons or children.

Kista Crockett

All were immediately taken into MDOC custody.

Monique Brown entered an open plea and because she confessed to the crime early in the investigation and had been scheduled to testify for the state against the other defendants, the judge sentenced her to five years of supervised probation, a fine of $1,000 plus court costs, fees, and assessments.

Brown also can not seek any future employment working with vulnerable persons or children.

According to Attorney General Jim Hood, the victim, identified only as “SV” was a resident of the Lincoln Residential Center. “SV” became involved in an argument with another residence, identified only as “JG”. Hood said the argument resulted in “SV” hitting “JG”.

Tierra Allen

“This angered the four defendants who were fond of “JG”,” said Hood. “So they launched a plan to discipline “SV” by inducing another resident, identified only as “GH” to go and “fight” SV. “GH” went to “SV”’s room, pushed her around and slapped her.”

Hood said “GH” was then escorted back to her room by one of the defendants.

“Fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured, but the intent of the defendants was nothing short of appalling and egregious,” Hood said. “This ruling holds them accountable for their intent and provides that they will never be in a position of such trust again.”

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