1. phyllis cook says:

    I need help in identifying some people in a picture taken in the 1967 , 68″s in my fathers house. He is sitting at his kitchen table playing cards with 4 men…. I feel sure it is Mike Gillich, Bobby Joe Fabien and not sure of other two… My brother was murdered in 1967 by Dixie Mafia. My father worked for the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. from early 1960’s until he started working for Judge Vincent Sherry… He was working as active bailiff for judge Sherry the night he was murdered. My brothers case was ruled suicide in 1967. Just found out 2 years from Cold Case Unit it was murder by member of Dixie Mafia… Can anyone help me identify pictures I have of members of Dixie Mafia in the late 1960″s. Please do not share with public as I have already gotten several threatning phone calls. Thanks in advance

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