Auditor details job shortfalls by company Mississippi aided

Associated Press

assembly-line-in-dishwasher-appliance-plantJACKSON, Miss. (AP) – A kitchen appliance manufacturer has repaid more than $2.5 million in incentives to the state of Mississippi and could repay more if worker numbers stay low.

State Auditor Stacey Pickering’s office on Thursday released the report detailing repayments by Middleby Corp. and predecessor Viking Range.

A spokeswoman for Middleby didn’t immediately respond Friday to requests for comment.

The company has gotten $5.3 million in state money since 2005, and was supposed to create or maintain jobs in Greenwood. However, job totals have repeatedly fallen short of the numbers to which the company committed.

Of a $3 million grant issued in 2005, Viking and Middleby eventually repaid $2.51 million. Of a 2016 grant of $2.3 million, Middleby repaid $13,000 last summer for falling nine jobs short of 400 it must maintain.

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