Operation Bunny Hop a major success

By Othor Cain

Special to The Mississippi Link

Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis (center) and Jackson Chief of Police Rebecca Coleman and others.

Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis described ‘Operation Bunny Hop’ as a major success as the operation wrapped up a fourth year over the past Easter weekend.

“This initiative is a partnership that I am extremely excited about,” said Lewis. “It proves that together we really can do better because more than a dozen agencies joined forces to make the streets of Jackson and Hinds County safer.”

Some of the partnering agencies included: Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, The Jackson Police Department, The Pearl Police Department, The Clinton Police Department, The Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Alcohol Beverage Control, The Attorney General’s Office, The Mississippi Department of Corrections and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

“Our goal was to clear the streets of criminal activity, and some people didn’t get the memo. So, those that didn’t get the memo, we were able to deal with them,” said Lewis.

Here’s what Hinds County netted during the operation:

• 257 tickets/citations

• 74 misdemeanor arrests

• 26 felony arrests

• 102 drug arrests

• 10 warrants issued

• 26 DUIs

• 11 prostitution arrests

“This was an announced operation, others will not be announced,” said Lewis.

Jackson Police Chief Coleman

Hinds County Sheriff Lewis

Law enforcement officers gather at the Metrocenter Precinct 2 before embarking on Operation Bunny Hop. PHOTO BY AYESHA A. MUSTAFAA



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