Brothers held in brutal assault of 91-year old

February 9, 2010 in News

MARSHALL COUNTY – Two brothers are each being held on a $1 million bond for burglary and for the brutal assault of a 91-year old woman near Holly Springs. Authorities said Maquel Donyel Morris, 21, and his brother, 17-year old Dillon Dewayne Williams, have been charged with two counts of burglary and aggravated assault for the attack of an elderly woman three weeks ago.

According to Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson, on Jan. 26, around 9:36 a.m., the victim in the assault, who is not being identified, went to the back door of her home on Lake Hill Cove near U.S. Highway 302. Dickerson said she opened the door slightly and Morris and Williams allegedly forced their way in and knocked the woman to the ground.

“They basically ran over her and went in the house,” Dickerson said. “And the aggravated assault against the [victim] was so serious in nature that she had numerous facial bones that were broken.”

Dickerson said Morris and Williams allegedly beat the woman in the face and head.

“She was savagely beaten,” Dickerson said. “And it was a physical assault, no weapons, they used their hands. And they rendered severe blows to her head. And as she was attempting to call for help, they struck her again with another severe blow to the head.”

Dickerson said the two suspects may have been startled and left the woman’s residence without taking any items.

“We have reason to believe they were there for only a short time because nothing was missed,” Dickerson said. “Either they heard something or they thought the victim was dead, and they left.”

The victim called 911 and she was transported to Methodist Germantown Hospital and later to the trauma center at Memphis Med.

Dickerson said the victim’s son lived “up the road,” and Morris and Williams reportedly burglarized his home prior to breaking into her house. Several household items, including a television were allegedly taken from the son’s residence.

Through their investigation, authorities identified Morris and Williams as suspects, and learned that Morris occasionally worked for the victim doing several odd jobs around her house, yard and garage. Williams, Morris’ half brother, is a student at H.W. Byers High School in Marshall County.

“We know that Morris borrowed the vehicle used in the home invasions from a friend,” Dickerson said. “She worked in Collierville, and around 7 a.m., that morning, he borrowed her car. We also know that he passed the school bus his brother Dillon was on in the car, and he picked Dillon up and put him in the car with him [to do all of this].”

Williams was apprehended in Marshall County, and Morris, who fled to Memphis, was taken into custody there. Morris waived his extradition and was transported back to Marshall County, Mississippi where he was charged.

Dickerson said Morris has numerous priors as well as outstanding warrants against him in Collierville, and Williams may have prior charges that were handled in youth court. Both men face up to 100 years in jail if convicted.