AmeriCorps*VISTA searches for applicants

Non-profit agencies are seeking applicants from the AmeriCorps*VISTA team to fill positions in Sunflower, Bolivar, Washington, Leflore, Coahoma and Tallahatchie counties.

“AmeriCorps*VISTA is becoming a household name and has also become popular to many looking for an opportunity to serve their community,” said Linda N. Stringfellow, project director for AmeriCorps*VISTA…. […]


Mississippi accountability ratings district-by-district (list)

JACKSON, Mississippi — Here’s how the 151 Mississippi public school districts in 2013 were rated under the state’s A-to-F grading system for their 2013 performance, along with how they were rated in 2012. Not rated in 2012 were the Clarksdale, Corinth and Gulfport districts, which used non-standard curricula as part of a state-sponsored effort. Sunflower and Drew were separate districts in 2012 but merged for 2013… […]