Vandals cause estimated $10,000 in damage at Harrison Central High School

datavlhx1wd2cgu8wr6jwyh-km8jbwakezu4-plygtzy4-ifny7qgf2-cvipuvjou0iany-4ffzduqsxkbrh3n--hv9snnzrq-zkwlrbys0s77ga1j0mbrj-je7sd7rgkvpuvdw3opmexekokgu6vs9k2he8png-896LYMAN, Mississippi (AP) — Harrison Central High School officials and authorities are going to review surveillance video in an investigation of vandalism.

Authorities said the letters WH 2K15 were painted in green Tuesday night on the artificial turf, football dummies, campus buildings, two bathrooms and athletic field house at the high school.

There was also paint at midfield of the football stadium, but it was cleaned up by Wednesday afternoon.

“The kids who did this weren’t thinking,” said Harrison County schools superintendent Henry Arledge. “Now it’s going to cost the taxpayers’ money to clean it up. Right now, we don’t know who did it. When we find out who did it, they’ll be punished and may be put out of school.”

Officials estimate the vandalism caused about $10,000 in damage.

Arledge said school officials are especially upset about the damage that was done to the greenhouse. It is where special needs students are taught gardening and landscaping skills that will hopefully one day help them be able to get jobs. Vandals slashed holes in the greenhouse, then went inside and ransacked it, he said.

Arledge said the sheriff’s department is investigating the incident.

Back in September of 2013, four Harrison Central students were arrested for spray painting graffiti on the West Harrison football field and causing other damage. Fixing the damage cost the Harrison County School District about $2,000.