Business matchmaking and economic development conference premiers in Jackson in September

The Mississippi Link Newswire

images (4)The inaugural Connect 1 Conference will be held September 17-18, 2014 at the Jackson Convention Complex in Jackson, Mississippi targeting more than 500 attendees. The Mississippi Link, a Jackson-based media and event company is the conference organizer.

The conference is an economic development networking event for entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, new start-ups, established businesses, minority contractors/suppliers, prime contractors, major corporations, inventors/innovators, government agencies, educational institutions, venture capitalists, bankers, investment bankers, funders, media and more. It is designed to match people and businesses to one another, including capital funding, start-up funding, new start-ups, technology, energy, business and economic development.

The conference will feature an exhibition hall showcasing businesses, business opportunities, products and technology, and more. The conference will host demonstrations of innovations, technology, products and services of highlighted companies and individuals for the media and registered public. There will be educational workshops and breakout sessions that will focus on the “how to” and “where to” of entrepreneurship and business development.

The conference will also provide “matchmaking” rooms to match subcontractors (especially minority) with contractors, institutions and corporations; match start-ups and growth companies with investors and match more executives and companies within the same industries where there are common interests.

The conference will also introduce an “Institute” which will encourage more education, research and development, innovation and commercialization of fuel cell-based technology in Mississippi, developing more industry in this state and attracting more investors and corporate partners from outside of the state.

Registration is available for attendees from the greater Jackson region, Mississippi, the U.S., and outside the U.S. The conference focus will be on the economic development of Mississippi by highlighting Mississippi to the world, and bringing and matching old and new industry opportunities to the state. New industry includes development and growth in renewable energy, especially the emerging “hydrogen economy”.

Along with promoting economic development in Mississippi (especially in Jackson), the conference is focused on enhancing business opportunities for minority and women owned companies with prime contractors, major corporations and institutions.

This conference will compliment and supplement efforts in Mississippi to encourage and facilitate innovation and economic development, by presenting another meaningful and productive opportunity for people and companies to come together under that theme.

Find more information about the conference on the conference website:  You can also contact Lonnie Ross, the event organizer by email at or by calling 601-896-0084.