38 arrested in Jackson County drug roundup

Officers arrested 38 people in Jackson County Wednesday in Operation Block Party.

A WLOX Report

JACKSON COUNTY – A massive drug sweep targeted dozens of suspects across the coast early Wednesday morning. So far, 38 people have been arrested in Jackson County, and most were from Moss Point.

By 6 a.m., fully armed swat teams, helicopters, and police were going after more than 40 suspected drug dealers in Jackson County.

“That's when we wake and they wake up and we can put hands on them,” Drug Enforcement Administration official Daniel Comeaux said.

It didn't take long for the army of law enforcers to catch and cuff the suspects. The massive roundup is the culmination of a yearlong investigation to sweep drugs off the streets. Police said some of the suspects sold drugs to undercover cops.

“The operation's name is Operation Block Party. We had numerous federal and arrest warrants for suspected drug traffickers,” Comeaux said.

Officers arrested 38 people in Jackson County Wednesday in Operation Block Party.

The majority of the suspects in the county roundup were from Moss Point. The chief there acknowledges drug dealing and the use of crack cocaine, marijuana and illegal prescription pills are problems in his city, which lead to more crimes.

“It's very important to remove the drug element, because people in Moss Point and in Jackson County are tired of their houses being broken into, and they are tired of their property being stolen. So we want to remove the demand,” Chief Keith Davis said.

Chief Davis hopes this bust will send a clear message that people in messing around with illegal drugs will land in jail.

“Think about the end result of your decisions that you are making today, because at some point, law enforcement is coming to get you.”

Officials from the DEA said several of the suspected drug dealers were getting their supply from Houston, Texas. Five people have also been arrested in connection with this investigation.