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My name is Dr. Timothy Quinn. I am a native Mississippian who currently practices family medicine in my home state with a great emphasis on preventative care as an adjunct to traditional medicine. I have always had a desire to help others, and was able to focus my aspirations during my time as a private soldier in the United States Military. I was deployed during desert storm in 1990 after high school, and was placed as a field medic to help the wounded. This gave me my first opportunity to administer health care to the sick. After the war, I completed officer candidate school receiving my commission as an officer, while attending undergraduate school in Mississippi. During this time I also worked as a medical assistant in the local civilian hospital. I then did my medical school training in Nashville, TN, and completed residency training in Los Angeles, CA.

Growing up in rural Mississippi, I saw health disparities as a way of life. Chronic medical conditions to include hypertension, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol were all too commonly diagnosed late after irreversible damage was done. In many unnecessary cases, these patients would end up in the emergency room with medical emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke. Many of these life sentences could have been avoided with early diagnoses and treatment. Mississippi was ranked as the highest percentage of deaths due to breast cancer. This results from the lack of early diagnoses and treatment of breast cancer, and other forms of cancer, in the early treatable stages.

I was recently highlighted as an expert physician in national television documentary on health in Mississippi featured on BET. In my home state of Mississippi, I have served as writer for the newspaper for the last five years, and provided daily health tips for the radio. I have done countless motivational health seminars to various audiences to include churches, community and social groups, and other organizations. I have done many interviews on local television to include news reports, and talk shows.

My life mission is a journey based on all my beliefs resulting from experiences I have encountered. I believe that health and wellness are keys to true success, and the only way to empower our population is to provide them with knowledge. I have been successful via local media, health fairs, local talks, and other forms of community awareness efforts. I am so excited to be a part of the Quinn Health Care Walkers program, because I believe my next step is to provide knowledge on a national stage to help our community. Quinn Health Care Walkers is a new online network providing information about health and health related topics. As a member of the national mentoring program 100 Black Men and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, the quote of “what they see, they can be” will be the reflection of the information I can provide. I will serve providing healthcare information to increase awareness for our community. I excitedly anticipate the great success of our journey.

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