Eva Crisler, candidate – Supervisor, District 1 – holds press conference

Hinds Co. Supervisor, District 1 candidate, Eva Crisler (speaking at podium) and supporters. Photo By Janice Neal-Vincent

By Janice K. Neal-Vincent, Ph.D.,

Contributing Writer,

On Wednesday, Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee (HCDEC) unanimously declared Eva Crisler a certified candidate for Hinds County Supervisor, District 1.

Crisler was recently challenged by Robert Graham – current supervisor of District 1. Accordingly, she became the subject of a hearing by the Qualifications Committee of the HCDEC. There she informed the committee that “the challenge against my residency was malicious and unwarranted.”

Crisler held a 2:30 p.m. press conference March 1 at the old Luby’s Restaurant parking lot (5471 I-55 North, Jackson, Miss.) “This is a great day for the rule of law and democracy. On last night’s ruling… I am a residing citizen and resident of Hinds County. This was a malicious attempt by my opponent about my qualifications. It makes me wonder if this is because I am a female.”

To this date, Peggy Calhoun has been the only female elected official, thereby serving as District 3 representative.

The Hinds County District 1 candidate for supervisor made it clear that she and her supporters are maintaining their claim of service. “We are not deterred, only more determined to serve the community and all parties involved.”

Crisler highlighted a pledge to bring more businesses, to add better paying jobs, to develop a comprehensive plan to keep roadways to highways for a clean and better community. “I’m running for District 1 as the next supervisor,” she stated.

Eva Crisler can be contacted at 601-767-6883 and info@evacrislerfordist1.com.

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