Dr. Dwayne Pickett meets with the Department of Justice regarding Capital City police abuse

Meeting with the Department of Justice in Washington, (L to R) Terrance Smith, Bishop Dwayne Pickett, Robert Weiner, Mikael Rojas, Pastor Mike McBride

By Dr. Dwayne Pickett Ministries,

Dr. Dwayne Pickett, senior pastor of New Jerusalem Church of Jackson, MS, partnered with LIVE FREE and met with the Department of Justice in Washington January 16, 2023, to present to them several cases of killings, chases and harassments the Capital Police has done. These cases include:

• The killing of Jaylen Lewis on September 25, 2022

• The family has yet to receive any information regarding what took place. Chief Bo Luckey and Commissioner Tyndale have refused to meet or share any facts. A meeting with Candace Gregory, the Assistant Attorney General with the State of Mississippi, did not result in any actions.

• Dr. Pickett has asked the Department of Justice for an immediate and thorough investigation in order to get answers and justice for the family of Jaylen Lewis.

• The harassment, kidnapping and assault of Dwayne Pickett Jr by officer Jordan Lewis

• When asked for a copy of the charges against Dwayne Jr, no one in the department had any knowledge of the incident. A meeting with the Chief and the Commissioner was requested, and they refused. At a physical appearance to the department to meet with them, they refused to come down to meet although they were in the building. Several other attempts were made to meet, and all were refused. Candance Gregory was contacted, but no known action has been taken.

• Dr. Pickett has asked the Department of Justice for an immediate investigation and involvement of this department because they are continuing to harass the Pickett family through other officers and departments.

• The shooting of Tasha Smith

• Harassment of Pastor Scott Fortenberry

• Harassment of Pastor Sherman Thomas

• The firing of Officer Brooks

After meeting with the Department of Justice, paperwork was filed and submitted to Kristen Clark, Assistant Attorney General. Dr. Pickett will request a Listening Session within the next thirty (30) days and will invite Kristen Clark to attend in Jackson; and will extend the invite to Congressman Bennie Thompson and Mayor Lumumba.

About Dwayne K. Pickett

Bishop Dr. Dwayne K. Pickett, Sr. is the senior pastor of New Jerusalem Church of Jackson, MS, since March 1996. Under Bishop Pickett’s godly leadership; his obedience to Christ; and his philosophy of team ministry, NJC has grown from less than 200 to more than 7000 members. God has blessed NJC to conduct multiple services at multiple locations in the Jackson-Metro area. The vision employed at NJC is to minister to the needs of the whole man (mankind) to develop devoted disciples of Christ. This vision encompasses a host of ministries within the church and in collaboration with other ministries within the community, in the state, and in the global community.

For more information on Dr. Dwayne Pickett and his ministries, visit www.dwaynepickettministries.com. 

About Live Free 

LIVE FREE is a justice network of thousands of organizers, faith leaders, directly impacted families, and organizations working to reimagine public safety and increase civic engagement. We build power and agency in communities to eradicate gun violence, mass criminalization and mass incarceration. LIVE FREE sees a world where every person is safely and peacefully connected to community, free of the systemic constraints that undermine freedom.

For more information on LIVE FREE, visit www.livefreeusa.or

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