Cobbins Farm of Durant hosts KKAC Minority Outreach Field Day

Attorney Clark, Kelvin Kennedy, Jim Corley, Harrison Wilkes (NRCS), Taharga Hart (NRCS), Tobias Bruce (NRCS), Rick Hagar (WRE & ACEP), Brock Kennedy (NRCS), and Caleb Young (NRCS)

By Gail H.M. Brown, Ph.D.,
Contributing Writer,


NRCS reps and local attorney provide valuable agriculture/land info

Taharga, Gary, Harrison, Kimberly, James Cobbins (host), Tobias and Brock

“Our field day at James “Kent” Cobbins’ farm, yesterday [July 21] in Durant, Miss., was great,” said Kimberly Anderson Clayton, outreach consultant for KKAC.

KKAC is an Arkansas-based non-profit corporation that provides education and technical assistance by giving free lectures and on-site demonstrations to rural agriculture communities, minority farmers/veterans, as well as financial scholarships to students with interest in rural agriculture.

“We had a good turnout,” Clayton continued. “Our presenters were awesome. Mr. Cobbins, the host, and I welcomed everyone.”
She said Harvell Howard, KKAC Organization deputy director, gave the purpose, which was basically information outreach.

Harrison Wilkes, district conservationist and Taharga Hart, area conservationist gave a wealth of information to our farmers and landowners, especially regarding the importance of getting to know your local NRCS agents. According to Clayton, they talked about the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).

Rick Hagar, Wetland Reserve Easement (WRE) specialist, presented information about his program. Later, Jim Corley, Farm Service Agency (FSA) director, gave “awesome” information and pointers about the services of the agency.

Wade Hargrave, a KKAC consultant of Hargrave Forestry Management, provide ‘eye-opening’ information on timber management. Last, but certainly not least, Attorney Bryant Clark of Lexington, Miss. addressed vital importance of properly dealing with heir property and the urgent importance of estate planning.

Harrison Wilkes, Tobias Bruce and Taharga Hart also explained the different NRCS practices that Cobbins used on his farm.
The event included “a great tour” of Cobbins’ Farm. “When we came back, we had an awesome lunch prepared by J & V Barbeque, ready for us all to dig in,” said Clayton.

Although the turnout was good, I really wish more landowners would have been there to hear this great information,” Clayton told The Mississippi Link in a telephone interview. “Mr. Antoine Helm and others told me they were glad they attended,” she concluded.

For more information on how to host an agriculture outreach field day or informational on your farm or in your community, contact your local NRCS Office.

Harvell Howard, KKAC deputy director, explaining the purpose of our field day.
Harrison Wilkes, district conservationist, speaking on NRCS Programs
J.D. Harmon, owner of J&V Barbeque, catered food for the field day.
James “Kent” Cobbins, host/landowner; Kimberly Clayton and Bonita Spann, host
NRCS agents explained how the utilization of conservation
programs can help the quality of your land and the environment
NRCS gave information on creek crossing
NRCS explained the need of cattle crossing and also gave information on land clearing
Tobias Bruce, Taharga Hart, Harrison Wilkes
and other NRCS agents giving information about feeding pads, watering facilities and cross fencing
Tour of James “Kent” Cobbins farm
Cattle corral, cattle supplies and medicines used for cattle operation
Harrison Wilkes explaining usage for herbicides
and grass planting
Taharga Hart, explaining the usage of fencing supplies and USDA Specifications
Harvell conversating with guest
Maelba McAfee-Smith (E & L
Development Foundation)
Attorney Clark, Kelvin Kennedy, Jim Corley, Harrison Wilkes (NRCS), Taharga Hart (NRCS), Tobias Bruce (NRCS), Rick Hagar (WRE & ACEP), Brock Kennedy (NRCS), and Caleb Young (NRCS)
James Cobbins, host; Jim Corley, FSA director; Kelvin Kennedy and Tredell Meeks
Attorney and State Representative Bryant Clark gave information on Heirs Property & Estate Planning
Rick Hagar, WRE specialist, gave great information on WRE and ACEP
Wade Hargrave, Timber Management, speaking on timber management
Jim Corley, FSA director, speaking about obtaining farm numbers and record keeping
Taharga Hart, area conservationist, speaking on EQIP and CSP

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