For mothers: ForeveRoyalTee and The Royal Getaway give bonding like no other

Amber Jones, organizer, Moms And Momosas Paint & Sip, at the stellar venue on Mother’s Day weekend.

By Janice K. Neal-Vincent, Ph.D.

Contributing Writer,

Approximately thirty-three mothers and five men from the Greater Jackson area (Brandon, Flora, Jackson, Madison, Pearl, Ridgeland and Terry) flocked through the doors of The Stellar Venue on Pear Orchard Road Saturday, May 7 at 1:30 p.m. In deference to mothers, these guests were lured into a large room absorbed with soulful music, advertising billboards, a photographic bench surrounded by flowers and balloons – set for pondering, mixing and mingling.

Each round table was designed to seat a maximum of six guests. It was decorated with different sizes of colorful paint brushes, water in cups and jars to clean the brushes, a tray for paint and a canvas sketched with a picture to be painted. Assistants brought paint to each table and allowed the experienced and inexperienced artists to choose their colors and to place them in the trays.

The afternoon’s occasion catered to the theme, Moms and MOMosas Paint & Sip.

Amber Jones, owner of ForeveRoyalTee and The Royal Getaway, is the originator of the celebration. She felt the need for “Moms to get together while sipping mimosas – a brunch style cocktail.”

“As a first-time mom, I desired to have more experiences with moms in the Jackson Area. I wanted to connect and [to] celebrate by combining two of the things I love: painting and mimosas. This is how Moms and MOMosas Paint & Sip was created,” said Jones.

Jones observed that painting was a mechanism of relaxation for attendants. She commented, “It naturally allowed everyone to let down their guards and have some fun with a nostalgic activity. Those who didn’t know each other previously were commenting on each other’s canvases and giving pointers on what could be different.”

Every painting was uniquely expressed. First-time painters as well as experienced painters used their own artistic creativity.

“From the color choices to making their pieces one of a kind, it was interesting to see the different takes and perspectives on the same canvas,” noted Jones.

Participants’ mingling experiences drew attention. In the beginning each worker was engaged in intrapersonal communication, with little or no time to interact with others. Attention was devoted to the paintings. Time progression produced change once the food was eaten and the momosas were poured. Then everyone began to interact with each other.

Mothers who attended the Moms and MOMosas Paint and Sip celebration made comments.

West Jackson resident Toni Johnson remarked: “I had an amazing time painting, eating sweet treats and jamming to good music with other mothers in attendance.”

“It was lovely. I had never attended one before. If Amber does another one like it, I want to come,” said Dorothy Sudduth of Jackson.

Jones proclaimed that if she had the opportunity to do another Moms and MOMosas Paint and Sip celebration, she would not hesitate to do so.

“The reactions have been so positive, and I’m so happy about it. Guests were leaving saying things like they couldn’t wait until the next one and how beautiful the décor was. Others have posted on social media how much fun they had just being a mom with other moms, and that really was my goal.”

Referencing what she had learned about the Greater Jackson community, Jones asserted that the event was a reminder that ‘we’re all in this together.’

“Simple human connection and conversation may be normal for some, but be a rare commodity for others like a grieving mother, a mom whose kids have left the nest or a tired first-time mom. We all need community. It provides strength and encouragement to keep going in this life that can be hard at times.”

ForeveRoyalTee is a lifestyle apparel company that celebrates and uplifts Christian beliefs unashamedly and represents culture unapologetically.

The Royal Getaway is a travel boutique that prepares luxury group trips from start to finish and hosts group trips to some of the top destinations around the world.

The businesses granted gifts at random to Moms and MOMosas Paint and Sip guests.

Amber Jones can be contacted at 601 5405724 or

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