Verdict Victory & Vindication

H Ralph Samuels Jr.,


The verdict has been rendered, 

the results, “Guilty” as charged 

A nation now exhales, 

no chaos or rioting at-large 


The jury now has spoken, 

but opinions still wane; 

Though the video was very clear,  

everybody’s view is not the same.


Some say it’s about time, 

the jury finally got it right;

But there are others who are not so happy, 

and their lips are shut real tight 


No one wants to be offensive, 

or to speak out of line 

But tell me how you would feel 

if it were your son or mine? 


In places all over the world, 

this case has been tried;

Guilty on all counts is the verdict,

True justice cannot hide. 


But what must be remembered,

 is that this was just one.

How many others have we witnessed 

that had very different outcomes?


“Reasoned” results in the end 

have brought about some relief;

No “reasonable doubt” in this case, 

to rob justice like a thief. 


But now we still must wait 

Because this is just part one;

Though this trial is finally over….

Now “sentencing” day must come.


But no matter what the number 

of years that will follow….

There’s still a “void” in a family 

and their hearts are empty and hollow.


This wasn’t about the “whole” of police 

so to speak….

But about one in their ranks 

who showed that he was very weak.


Yes, today was a victory

But before we celebrate….

We must still fight for justice, 

and against racism and hate.


The battle is not over,

there’s more we all must do 

To seek for justice and equality 

No matter the color or the hue. 


Every human being has value 

regardless of their designation 

That’s why God provided us all 

With righteous vindication.


No, it wasn’t in a courtroom, 

where justice often gets lost.

But on a hill called Calvary 

upon an “old rugged cross.”


Divine justice was meted out 

And true freedom did begin 

with the death of Jesus Christ 

Who died for all our sins


His trial was not fair;

There was no jury of His peers.

False witness spoke against Him

They opposed Him with their jeers.


But not a word did He return 

No defense did He present….

He was born just to die,

Our redemption was heaven sent 


So let’s all stay the course 

and spread more love everyday 

Learn to forgive and live together 

Jesus Christ showed us the way. 


Satan no longer can defeat us….

We can overcome temptation.

God has rendered the final Verdict 

Jesus’ Victory was Vindication…..


©️2020 H Ralph Samuels, Jr. 

‘The Name Inspires The Pen’

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