Runoff election for Hinds County District 2 Election Commissioner set for Nov 26

By Othor Cain,



Bobbie McClure Graves is determined to seal the deal Tuesday, Nov. 26, as voters in District 2 head back to the polls to decide who they want to represent them as election commissioner. Graves was the top vote-getter Nov. 5 in a four-person race. At press time, Graves had received 4,122 votes or 33 percent (the votes had not been officially certified). Mississippi law requires a candidate to receive 50 percent plus one of the votes in a primary or special election to be declared the winner.

“I am encouraged by the voters in Hinds County…I’m eternally grateful and I’m asking them to return to the polls and let’s seal the deal,” Graves said.

Going into the runoff election, Graves is excited about picking up support. “I feel blessed that so many people are helping me and offering their support to me. I’m especially grateful to a former opponent who has really worked to increase the voter turnout for me,” Graves said. “Beulah Kelly Jones has been a a gift from God to me.”

Graves has also received the support of former Judge Ivory Britton. “This type of support means so much to me, I value relationships and I value voters,” Graves said.

Despite the false narrative that Graves’ opponent is spreading, she [Graves] is the only candidate seeking reelection. Graves is currently serving in the position as an appointed commissioner because the previous seat holder decided to seek another political office without fulfilling her obligations and duties to this office.

Graves is spreading a message of ‘commitment to the job.’ “For me, it isn’t about the next bigger opportunity, it is about doing the job we are elected to do,” Graves said. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

This is Graves second stint in this office, her opponent did not serve a full term. “I’m running because I am committed and dedicated to fully serving my time in office and doing what is in the best interest of the voters in District 2 and Hinds County as a whole,” Graves said. “Dedication, integrity and commitment matter.”

If Graves is successful November 26, it will be her third tour of duty.

A graduate of Lanier High School and Jackson State University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and a Master’s degree in criminology and justice services, Graves has been working to inform voters in District 2 about election processes.

“I’m committed to ensuring that the voters in District 2 are informed by creating public education events, engaging and empowering voters with knowledge about election day procedures and deadlines,” Graves said. “When we know better we do better.”

Graves has been spending a lot of time recently on talk radio programs, attending community events and simply meeting voters where they are. “I am committed to ensuring that voters in District 2 and all of Hinds County are informed and empowered to vote with confidence.”

Graves is running on a platform of:

• Bringing back confidence to the voters of District 2

• Maintaining polls, operating well-run elections, assisting voters and providing an adequate amount of ballots and surveys

• Managing polling registration; providing registration information; good record keeping, processing and grouping data as required

• Providing transparency and clarity with election compliance

• Working to increase poll worker(s’) compensation.

Graves believes the job of an election commissioner is far too important and necessary to have just anyone in the seat. “We’ve seen what has happened in this office before when the right person isn’t seated,” Graves shared. “Things sometimes run amok and ultimately ends up costing the taxpayer unnecessary money…we need committed leadership”

With just a few days before the election, Graves is hoping to continue spreading her message of committed leadership with the voters. “I want to connect with as many voters in my district as possible, if you see me in the grocery store, please stop me and let’s chat…let’s chat at church or wherever, that’s important to me,” Graves shared.

District 2 has several precincts including 08, 11, 13, 14, 16, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 37, 40, 84, 85, 86, BO, BR, C1, CA, CY, ED, LE, PN, PO, R1, ST, TN and U1.

These precincts are located in Bolton, Brownsville, Cayuga, parts of Clinton, Edwards, parts of Jackson, Learned, Pocahontas, Raymond, St. Thomas, Tinnin and parts of Utica.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 26.

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