Giving back at the park

Photos by Jackie Hampton

by scouts and community groups

Ineva May-Pittman Park • Jackson, Miss. • April 21

By Jackie Hampton

Photos by Jackie Hampton
                         Photos by Jackie Hampton

Words of thanks from the homeless, needy and those that proclaimed they were just temporarily down on their luck were expressed
Saturday morning at the Ineva May-Pitman Park, formally known as Poindexter Park.

Individuals were grateful for clothing, snacks, beverages, toiletries and love from various organized groups. One lady shouted out, “I love the scouts for doing this for us and I know they are children of God.”

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of College Hill along with their leaders met in the church’s family life center to prepare 150 bags containing snacks, socks, beverages and other items to take to the park. While at the park, there were three other groups with the same purpose – giving back to the community.

One combined group included members of Temple Church, Humble-Way Outreach and Girls on a Mission. A spokesperson for the group said helping to give back to the community is what each group stands for.

A small group organized by Lucy Gaines was distributing beverages and other items. Gaines said, “It touches my heart to be able to help others”

A representative from Word of Life Church in Flowood said the church had an outreach program that provides services to the park and on Saturday they were serving hotdogs and offering prayer.

All the recipients as well as the givers seemed to have a genuine appreciation for ‘Saturday at the Park.’

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