Local doctor leading through inspiration

By Othor Cain



For many people going to see a doctor can be a terrifying experience, even if its just a routine checkup. Medical experts say some people find
that their blood pressure is normal at home, but rises slightly when they’re at the doctor. This is known as the white coat syndrome, or the white coat effect. The syndrome gets its name from doctors and medical staff who sometimes wear white coats in a professional setting.

One local doctor is determined to help her patients not only have a different experience when visiting her, but to faithfully, journey to better

Kimberly McCullough Smash, MD, a native Jacksonian and a board certified family medicine physician, understands and embraces the intersection of faith and medicine. “I believe that doctors are consultants,” Smash proclaimed. “I can prescribe medication, I can help chart a
professional medical journey that a patient should take…I can do all of these things that will aid in your healing but that isn’t where your healing comes from; God is the ultimate (true) healer,” Smash said during our interview at her newly opened practice Prolific Health & Wellness located at 2675 River Ridge Dr. in Jackson.

Smash, who returned home in 2010 after completing medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan,
believes that “when our hearts are at home, it helps to inject life into the community around us.” “I wanted to be back in Mississippi, back in
Jackson, around my support base,” she said.

Smash and her husband Jerriot are active members of The Word Center (Church) under the leadership of Roderick Richardson. “I cannot tell you how much being a part of this ministry has helped me and my family grow,” she said. “It took our minister to really paint a clear picture that one of the things that was holding us back was fear…now I know how to deal with it, now I know what faith looks like when you push
fear aside.”

One of the luxuries of visiting Prolific Health & Wellness is that you don’t feel as if you’re in a doctor’s office. When I walked in, I thought I had made an appointment for a day at the spa. The cool, crisp and calm colors of white and green instantly puts you in the mindset of relaxation.

Every room is laced with a scripture as a gentle reminder that God is in the building. “I believe that if you don’t include God in the treatment
plan, while people may get better, they won’t be whole or well,” Smash said.

Its only fitting that Smash practices family medicine because the newly renovated building that houses Prolific Health & Wellness is
a family affair. Smash’s husband for nearly 20 years, Jerriot, operates Prolific LLC, an engineering consulting firm, her sister Karla, owns and operates a business/strategic planning and development firm and her aunt, Juanita Sims Doty, whose vision it was for the family to all
work under the same roof, operates her foundation (JSD) whose purpose is to ignite a “spirit of service and collaboration” throughout the state, nation and the world.

It is dedicated to improving individual lives through community engagement and outreach. “I have spent so many years helping other people and while I love doing that, I believe that it is also important to promote family,”

Doty said. “It really is about a family legacy and making sure that they have it better than I did when I was coming up…at the end of the day
who is going to be there when you need them most…family.”

Smash is grateful for her supportive family. “I couldn’t do this without my family,” she said. “My number one supporter since day one is my
husband and every member of my family has been right here with me as I’ve taken this journey and for that I’m grateful.”

There are long range plans to add workout equipment and more staff to Prolific Health & Wellness, for now though if you’re looking for a
family doctor, look no further than Dr. Kimberly Smash with Prolific Health and Wellness, a company that cares deeply about the work it does. Your Health in Abundance is the mantra that Smash operates under. Call 601.718.0308 to schedule your appointment today.

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    Congratulations on this beautiful and moving testament of Faith, Dedication, Respect, Love and Service.

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