SWAC championship: Will Alcorn State repeat history?


By Jerry Komia Domatob

Alcorn State University


On December 3 the Alcorn State University Braves will lock horns with the Grambling State University Tigers as they did in 2015 for the Southwestern Athletic Conference championship.

After a topsy-turvy season of seemingly mishaps for Alcorn, with coach Hopson’s departure and debilitating injuries on star players, the Braves still managed to twist their way into the championship for the 3rd conservative time. That is a marvelous feat. For all intents and purposes, even if the Southwest Athletic Conference (SWAC) is not as fierce as the others, emerging as championship contenders is still a remarkable accomplishment worthy of applause.

The Braves did it under the auspices of coach Hopson twice. Now, they are repeating that exploit during the Fred McNair era. That is indeed admirable and commendable. As with all contests, a game is always anybody’s bet until the umpire sounds the final whistle. Once that happens, short of a draw, there must be a winner and a loser. That is the nature of all sports and Alcorn and Grambling players, as all fans and friends, recognize that reality and truism. In some ways the argument can be made – if there is any logic to this type of prediction – that this might be Grambling’s turn to win.

A number of reasons might seem to substantiate that stand. First, they have performed with near excellence trouncing opponents, in some cases, mercilessly. Second, they have an outstanding quarterback and third, the buoyant optimism from their end, seems to be a recipe for victory. With those seemingly winning cards on the table, victory might just be theirs. In some ways they come to the field as favorites if statistics are anything to abide by. Alcorn once again might emerge triumphant. Earlier in the season Grambling floored them. They may just be in that situation where they are not prepared to accept that status quo. Secondly, the Braves are the current champions and have the experience. Although some of the top players are on the injury list, they are nonetheless an enthusiastic squad. Third, despite challenges, the Braves have players who always step up in dire situations.

This leads to the next question. Who is going to be the 2016/17 SWAC champion? Once the referee blasts his final whistle, either Alcorn or the Grambling State team would be leaping, jumping, swaying and chanting as they celebrate with the (SWAC) trophy. As of now, both teams are training for the contest. Grand salute to the players, coaches, administrators and fans. Enjoy the championship. Winning is a major and noble goal. However, participation is also a crucial part of all contests.

Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob is a professor of mass communication at Alcorn State University, Lorman Mississippi. A journalist, photographer, poet and researcher, he is currently working on three projects. He holds two masters degrees in international affairs and journalism and a Ph.D. in mass communication with a concentration in political science. He is the author of five books and co-editor of two. His next publication is Victory’s Vision.

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