Goodloe family celebrates during reunion

The Goodloe family PHOTO BY JAY JOHNSON

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The Goodloe family PHOTO BY JAY JOHNSON

The Goodloe Family Reunion was a huge success. As the public enters the upcoming Christmas season, many family members will travel far and near to reunite with loved ones.

Most recently, the Goodloe family gathered for its 2016 reunion which took place in Canton, Jackson and Ridgeland. The theme “Divided by Distance, United By Roots” was inspiring to all who attended.

Highlights included: A Day in the Country, which was the family picnic; a Community Outreach Project where “blessing bags” were made, which contained personal care and food products. The care packages were delivered to a homeless shelter, and the family conducted a blood drive where 25 family members gave blood.

In addition, the family banquet and family portraits took place at Tougaloo College. The family worship service was held at Second Temple Church of Christ Holiness USA. Family members ended the celebration with Sunday dinner and a boat ride at the Main Harbor Marina in Jackson.

Family gatherings renew bonds with missing members and leave you with good memories. It’s important to recognize and appreciate elder family members. The Goodloe family presented elders with legacy medals.

So when your family gathers for the holidays, if you don’t already, consider a family project that will be a blessing to someone else. You’ll be glad you did.

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