Hard work pays off for DuBard, successful lawn business owner

Jon Dubard

By Kristen Barnes

Special to The Mississippi Link

Jon Dubard
Jon Dubard

Jon DuBard, owner of Olympian, cites research, guidance and motivation as having led him to own a successful comprehensive lawn management business in Jackson at the young age of 27.

DuBard, who is from Jackson, attended Murrah High School where he was an APAC student and involved in many extracurricular activities concerning music. However, music was not his only passion. His passion was in helping others – most specifically his family.

DuBard was given his first opportunity at 15 to help make money to alleviate some of the financial burdens placed on his mother. His mentor, Lanier Price, allowed DuBard to borrow his mower and cut his yard as well as his in-laws’ yard for $25.

This experience was the beginning of DuBard capitalizing on a venture that would greatly pay off. With research, hard work and dedication, DuBard worked until he was able to buy his own mower for $100 and started going door to door looking for future business.

“With a key mentor in place, I was able to develop structure and he also showed me the importance of finances,” said DuBard. He followed methods instilled by Price throughout his business career, throughout high school and into college.

Now with a smooth operation under his belt, the proper equipment for any specific job that lawn maintenance entails and three employees trained, DuBard aspires to build his company into a brand where he is able to step out of the scene at times with the business being able to still executively function off a system and not a person. With his continuous dedication, DuBard expects to reach this goal. His life’s mantra can be summed up as, “the sun’s rays only burn when focused.”

“The more opportunities you open up for others, the more blessings God will bequeath upon you,” says DuBard as he reflects on his success and his desire for other young people to do the same. His advice to any young person looking to start a business is, “Find someone who is doing what you want to do and copy them, but make it your own. It will save you a thousand headaches.”

He is always looking for ways to uplift and be of help to his city, especially the youth.

DuBard may be reached at (769) 798-4406.

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