Grand jury drops case for Ocean Springs man accused in samurai sword death

Johnny Romero
Johnny Romero

PASCAGOULA, Mississippi (AP) — An Ocean Springs man accused of killing a man with a samurai sword is no longer facing criminal charges.

A Jackson County grand jury Wednesday ruled there was insufficient evidence to indict 20-year-old Johnny Romero on a second-degree murder charge in the October 2014 death of aspiring rapper, 29-year-old Shannon Bowen, who’s also known as “Lil Skill It” or the “Inevitable Mac.”

Cherie Wade with the district attorney’s office tells the Sun Herald the case is now closed unless new evidence becomes available.

Investigators say Bowen and Romero got into an alcohol-fueled argument over the use of a community lawn mower. Romero claimed self-defense during the investigation. Sheriff Mike Ezell says evidence shows Romero left and returned with the sword and stabbed Bowen. Ezell says Bowen was not armed.

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