Voucher bill fails in House, but district transfers remain a possibility

Mississippi_New_State_Capitol_Building_in_JacksonJACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — A plan to use state money to pay for private school tuition or for home-schooling is off the table, but Mississippi House members are keeping alive a plan that could allow students to transfer from poor-performing public school districts to higher rated ones.

The House Appropriations Committee failed to consider House Bill 943, which would have allowed the state to pay for nearly 5,000 new students a year. Because Tuesday was the deadline for committees to act, the voucher bill died.

The House Education Committee did approve House Bill 91, which would allow students in districts with “D” and “F” academic ratings to transfer to any other district. The receiving district would be required to take the student as long as the district had capacity to take the student.

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