Bill: Raise Mississippi officials’ expense pay to $150 a day

Rep. Jeff Smith
Rep. Jeff Smith

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — The Mississippi House is approving plans to boost expense pay for many state and local officials attending meetings to $150 daily from the current $40.

Representatives voted 110-5 Tuesday to approve House Bill 1421.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jeff Smith, a Columbus Republican, says the change is overdue because the level has been $40 since 1980.

The bill moves now goes to the Senate. Lt. Gov Tate Reeves opposes a change.

No estimate has been prepared for the increase’s cost.

The change wouldn’t apply to legislators, who are paid per diem based on federal standards. State employees get actual expenses.

Smith says local officials don’t get paid for attending meetings in home counties.

Public records show many officials are paid mileage plus per diem when attending meetings.

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